Congrats! You got the job! Whether you love the job you landed or you’re already thinking about how to use it as springboard for a different position, there are a few things you can do to stand out and get ahead in any work environment. Just ask these guys from Office Space. They did pretty well for themselves.


Act the part. Make a habit of going to work well-rested, presentable, and prepared to work hard. Doing the walk of shame into the office, using work as a place to recover from your social life, or constantly focusing on personal stuff tells your boss that you’re not serious about your career and you’re not ready for more responsibility.


Do your best. Whether you’re given a big project or busywork that a monkey could do, give it your best effort. When you take pride in your work, others will notice it and be more likely to trust you with the type of work you want to do.


Step up. If things are slow, look for something useful to do instead of cleaning a fish at your desk. It worked out for this guy but it was a pretty big gamble. Ask what else you can help with. If a challenging opportunity comes up, don’t be afraid to take it on


Be careful on social media. Remember that time you…. well don’t share it on social media. People get fired everyday for not keeping it PG, or for posting a #selfie when they’re “sick.”


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