If you’ve ever hesitated in engaging in a high five for fear of missing the target hand and possibly launching yourself face first into the concrete and lying motionless while you sense fingers pointing at the back of your head, to a chorus of laughter of everyone you’ve ever met in your entire life, we have a tip for you. Look at their elbow.

There may not be any scientific evidence for it, but give it a try and relish the delicious result, a satisfying and strong clap. Just like the handshake, a good high five says so many things. Am I wrong? I’m not wrong.

That’s your first tip for today. Now that I’ve gained your trust, let’s talk money tips. Saving money can be just as intimidating as the pressure to perform a perfect high five. Let’s just take it one elbow at a time.

Flex Your Dollar Strrrretching Elbow
You may think saving money is about saving money­—putting coins in jars or depositing checks. Those are both great ways to let your money add up, but let’s try thinking of money differently and look at the value of it to you.

Hold a Dollar
Let’s say you’ve got a $20 bill in your pocket. How much is it worth? What’s the true value of $20 to you? Maybe five four-dollar pumpkin spice coffee drinks. Maybe it’s worth 10 two-dollar loaves of bread. Now we’re getting somewhere. Imagine each loaf has 16 slices. We are looking at eight sandwiches per loaf. That means for $20 you’ve got enough bread for 80 air sandwiches! That’s a lot of air sandwiches!

Bread-Buying Fiend, You!
So yes, purchasing 10 loaves of bread at a time is pretty unreasonable. Maybe start with one, pick up some sandwich fillings and put the rest of that $20 aside for another day of carb loading.

Look at you, saving your money! You deserve a high five for that. Eyes to elbow, let’s do this!

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