Here are a few tips for writing your resume:

Keep it Brief

1. Keep it brief. Your resume shouldn’t be longer than one page. Hit the highlights, cut out the fluff and remember that it’s not a biography. A concise, focused resume will appeal to employers more than one that’s long and rambling.

Keep it Clean

2. Keep it clean. Clean as in well written and easy to read. Check, check, and double check for errors. Use straightforward language, not a bunch of “look-how-smart-I-am” words. Choose a standard font, a readable font size (like 12 point) and use 1” margins.

Prove Your Worth

3. Prove your worth. Make it easy for the reader to see why you’re a good fit. Review the job description and use similar words in your resume. Whenever possible, quantify the results of your efforts.

Cover It

4. Cover it. Cover letters are your opportunity to make a positive first impression and explain why you’re the best person for the job. Keep it short (about half a page) and tailor it to each job application.

Get Some Help

5. Get some help. Talk to the experts at your school’s career center or ask a trusted professor for advice. Or check out sites like these for more resume help:

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